Studio Equipment

6 Best Budget Studio Monitors

A pair of one of the best studio monitors is one of the most important pieces of recording gear in any music recording studio. They are the definition of “truth and accuracy” as they don’t color the sound.…

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10 Best Vlogging Cameras

Vlogging is steadily becoming a popular way of showcasing ideas or skills. This is because, unlike blogging, video blogging is interactive, straightforward, easy, and enjoyable to the vlogger and the audience too. In this article, we shall take…

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Best Throat Lozenges for Singers

Best Throat Lozenges for Singers #1 Click image for more info 1. Throat Discs Throat LozengesProvides soothing relief to throat from hoarseness, tickles, overuse, dryness and smoking. Great for speakers, singers and smokers. Check Current Price #2 Click…

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